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Images 81 through 109 of a certain collection of ship manifest records on represent the passengers of the Tenyo Maru, which arrived in San Francisco on 10 May 1915 after calling in a number of ports in Japan and China.

These are the two-page ship's manifest records, but unfortunately, the second page for each set of entries is missing. Is there a way to tell whether these second pages were preserved, and if so, where they can be found? Is the only recourse to go to NARA in Washington DC to examine the records sequentially?

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I suggest that your first port of call is Ancestry, the creators of the database. Missing information is an issue of database quality.

From the information provided by Ancestry on this dataset, it is not clear whether the second pages that had no data filled in are included. There is also no indicator of which manifests have two page entries, making it hard to identify where pages are missing.

If Ancestry cannot clarify, then I think you will need to consult the originals at NARA. Then you would be in a good position to identify the problem and communicate that to Ancestry.

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Judging by the titles on the extant pages, these were two-page manifests. Of course if the second pages were not filled out, they would be less likely to include them. – Gene Golovchinsky Dec 12 '12 at 15:55
I reported the problem & Pparently was the second person to do so. Looks like places some weight on multiple reports of the same problem, so it makes sense to get in touch with them when you discover such things. – Gene Golovchinsky Dec 13 '12 at 17:50

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