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I wonder if you could help me figure out some text in an Ellis Island record (Line 15).

Here's what I've been able to get so far. I've put questions marks where I'm not sure.

Luka Cacic
Age 23
Occupation: Farm Laborer (?)
Nationality: Hungary
Race (col.9): ?
Last Residence: Lindenharst(?), Germany
Relative: Kata Cacic, Mother  Aleksiner(?) Pazariste Croatia
Destination: Kensington, MD(?)
Passage paid by: Cousin
Who Going to See: Karlo Cacic, Kansas City, Box 106  Sugar Creek ???? City 

Thank you!

Manifest Page 1 Manifest Page 2

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I have a terrible time myself trying to read the ship manifest even when I enlarge it. I've tried cutting and pasting to my docs but it is still hard to read. My guess on the best way is to purchase the manifest from Ellis Island Foundation. Make sure you get the page (s) you need. –  user677 Feb 21 '13 at 12:56
Are the purchased images of much higher resolution and quality? I was assuming it would be about the same but if that's the case it might be worth it. –  Mike Feb 28 '13 at 13:26

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  • Occupation: Farm Laborer (?) (Yes, farmlab.)
  • Race (col.9): ? Servian (Could mean Serbian.)
  • Last Residence: Lindenharst(?) Lindenhorst (A quick search of Google maps found Lindenhorst, Dortmund - Lindenhorst, Helmstedt - Lindenhorst Nauen), Germany
  • Relative: Mother, Kata Cacic, Aleksiner(?) (yes, I see Aleksiner/ could be Aleksimer) Pazariste Croatia
  • Destination: Kensington, MD(?) MO (Missouri - you can see the same MO before "box" in column 18, which is the same state as Kansas City.)
  • Who Going to See: Karlo Cacic, Kansas City, Box 106 Sugar Creek Crescent (FYI, there is an area called Sugar Creek just north east of Kansas City.) ???? City
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Thanks a lot for your help. –  Mike Feb 28 '13 at 13:28

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