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Street index for Canada 1921 census

Is there a street index for the larger cities in the 1921 Canadian census? (When I first asked this question, the 1921 census (on Ancestry) was images only, with no name index. Although a name index ...

canada census-records 1920s  
user avatar asked by Rob Hoare Score of 11
user avatar answered by Rob Hoare Score of 4

Marine Corps Muster Roll abbreviations

my question is similar to What is the meaning of these remarks on 1948 USMC discharge papers? but with different abbreviations that I can't find the answer to. Below is the transcription I have. I ...

united-states 20th-century military-records navy  
user avatar asked by user975 Score of 5
user avatar answered by PositiveLogic Score of 3

England - what are some possible reasons that my ancestor only listed his daughters in his will and none of his sons?

I found the will of my 3x great-grandfather. Robert Fowler BIRTH ABT. 1767 • Thorganby, Yorkshire, England DEATH ABT FEB 1833 • Thorganby, Yorkshire, England He had several children: Ann Fowler ...

england probate-records will  
user avatar asked by user1261710 Score of 10
user avatar answered by sempaiscuba Score of 19

Correct spelling of Polish surname Dziubenofska?

My Polish grandmothers last name was Dziubenofska, but I know that's not how it is spelt! I'm looking for the proper spelling. Can you help find it for me? She came over to Ellis Island and they ...

surnames poland  
user avatar asked by user998 Score of 14
user avatar answered by Rob Hoare Score of 14

Contacting living distant relatives?

During my research, I have identified some people currently living who I believe are distant relatives. They are a brother and sister, who are my wife's third cousins. Neither has a family tree on ...

communication relatives  
user avatar asked by Gene Golovchinsky Score of 20
user avatar answered by Tom Wetmore Score of 25

Interpreting results of siblingship test?

My sister and I suspect we have different fathers. We took a siblingship test through DDC. The results are a little confusing and honestly, they put our wet swabs each in a paper envelope and then ...

dna relationship-analysis  
user avatar asked by Gmiller Score of 1
user avatar answered by Cyn Score of 2

Separating trees on

I have been working on my family tree on for almost two years. Recently I've expanded the tree to include the ancestors of my brother's wife. However, this new part of my tree has now ...  
user avatar asked by RG_SM12 Score of 5
user avatar answered by Jan Murphy Score of 4
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