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Top new questions this week:

Finding Catholic parish belonging to street in Brno

For the city of Brno (of 1885), I am looking for the birth entry of an individual (Leopoldine Konstantin). So found the address of her father and now I am looking for the correct Catholic parish ...

asked by phk 4 votes
answered by shoover 4 votes

My family migrated from Lübeck to Guatemala

My great grandfather migrated from Lübeck to Guatemala in the late 1880's. I am trying to find certified records of his family left behind in Germany. I tried writing to the city hall but I haven't ...

19th-century germany records  
asked by R. Klüssmann 2 votes
answered by lejonet 2 votes

GedHTree - an excellent program to convert Gedcom to HTML- is no longer supported. How can I obtain a registration code?

I'm looking for software that will convert my Gedcom to STATIC HTML files (no PHP) and display ancestor and descendant trees with at least 6 generations. Up until about 10 years ago, there was a ...

gedcom website gedhtree  
asked by yitz 2 votes
answered by lkessler 6 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Downloading images from Ancestry trees?

How to download images from those I have personally added to my tree? I currently do not own or plan on purchasing the now discontinued FamilyTreeMaker. As mentioned in this "What do ...  
asked by CRSouser 7 votes
answered by Jereme Guenther 6 votes

What does "Do" mean in the birthplace field of the 1850 US Census?

I am reviewing a 1850 Census Image for Western Pennsylvania, and under place of birth I see both what looks like a "Pa" and a "Do". I know some of the individuals marked "Do" were born in ...

united-states 19th-century census-records  
asked by CRSouser 2 votes
answered by PolyGeo 6 votes

Finding out which DNA matches are from paternal side?

I've submitted my DNA to Ancestry and GEDmatch in a desperate attempt to match to anyone from my paternal side. I am unsure of who my father is and my mother will take that information to her grave. ...

dna autosomal-dna  
asked by elizabeth.b 4 votes
answered by cleaverkin 4 votes

How to interpret a reasonable X DNA Match, but no shared cM Autosomal result on GEDMatch?

I recently uploaded one of the Autosomal DNA results I manage to and ran the X-Match routine and came up with a puzzling result. The strongest result by far on the test has 37.2 shared ...

dna autosomal-dna  
asked by CRSouser 7 votes
answered by RobertShaw 7 votes

What records are available that might contain someone’s blood type?

What records are available that might contain someone’s blood type? Blood types can be helpful in determining paternity or non-paternity. Obviously, we would prefer to use DNA tests, but for people ...

20th-century medicine paternity  
asked by Jamie Cox 4 votes

Until what age did little boys in the early 1900s wear dresses?

I found a family photo from 1910. Someone wrote on the back that it was four sisters and a baby brother from my uncles and aunts. But that wouldn't work for the ages of those particular children. I ...

united-states photo-identification photo-dating georgia-usa  
asked by Bruce James 6 votes
answered by Jan Murphy 5 votes

Export data from Family Tree as spreadsheet?

I want to generate a spreadsheet of everyone I have in my family tree. I want the data associated with these names as well (birth, marriage, death related info). Is there a tool to ... data-transfer  
asked by cbunn 5 votes
answered by Colin 4 votes
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