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Where was Shankston in Ayr in 1868?

I have a marriage certificate from 1868. It is in the parish of Old Cunmock, in the County of Ayr in Scotland. For the husband to be (Samuel Harris) it says his usual place of residence was Shankston. ...

scotland place-names 1860s ayrshire  
user avatar asked by Andrew Truckle Score of 2
user avatar answered by sempaiscuba Score of 2

Verifying a record of a death on board an emigrant ship?

My ancestor Johanna Foley Desmond immigrated from Ireland with her husband Timothy Desmond on board the Bark ARGYLE. The ship's registry just states "Died 20 May 1849" by her name on the ...

death-records ireland ship cause-of-death 1840s  
user avatar asked by claire desmond-ward Score of 2
user avatar answered by Elwyn Soutter Score of 1

Transcribing baptism entry from Oberellenbach in 1697

So far, I have this: den 17 Maj ist Elisabeth Schweitzern in [?] von [Zielkes?] kind mit Hans jacob [?] getaufft u. ihm d. nahme Martha Elisabeth von johanne├č [?] Tochter von Cunnefeld gegeben ...

church-records kurrent german 1690s  
user avatar asked by BrianFreud Score of 1

Transcribing Weidelbach entry from 1735

I have another entry that's quite difficult to read, and for which I could use some help with transcription. So far, I have: Catharina Elisabetha. Joh. [?] Schwei- tzers und Anna Elisabetha [?]in ...

palaeography church-records kurrent german 1730s  
user avatar asked by BrianFreud Score of 1

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How far back is a mtDNA match of genetic distance 2 likely to be?

On FamilyTreeDNA, for haplogroup H1, my closest matches are all genetic distance of 2 for HVR1, HVR2, CODING REGIONS. I don't see any tool to predict the number of generations like we have for yDNA ...

dna mitochondrial-dna  
user avatar asked by WilliamKF Score of 6
user avatar answered by Harry V. Score of 8

What is the standard method for recording married names?

Suppose Mary A marries John B and then (after his death or divorce) she marries James C. Rightly or wrongly my impression is that conventional practice in GEDCOM based programs is to record only ...

naming-convention surnames standards  
user avatar asked by AdrianB38 Score of 14
user avatar answered by bstpierre Score of 9

Tracing Romanian & Hungarian ancestry?

My soon to be wife is Romanian, I would like to add her family to my tree so that any future children will have a more complete tree rather than just Dad's side. My issue is that her mother is the ...

records 20th-century europe romania  
user avatar asked by AvieRose Score of 8
user avatar answered by Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad Score of 3

Downloading images from Ancestry trees?

How to download images from those I have personally added to my tree? I currently do not own or plan on purchasing the now discontinued FamilyTreeMaker. As mentioned in this "What do ...  
user avatar asked by CRSouser Score of 7
user avatar answered by Jereme Guenther Score of 6

Accessing Italian World War I records online?

Is there a way to access Italian war records pertaining to individual soldiers (I'm looking specifically for World War I) online? For example, I know Australia does but my somewhat limited knowledge ...

military-records world-war-1 italy  
user avatar asked by tschumann Score of 6
user avatar answered by De Stephanis Score of 4

Do we have more female than male ancestors?

I have read a claim in several sources, including a New York Times article by John Tierney, that we have more female ancestors than male ancestors. "Citing recent DNA research, Dr. Baumeister ...

dna europe statistics  
user avatar asked by Harry V. Score of 1
user avatar answered by lkessler Score of 5

What does "Do" mean in the birthplace field of the 1850 US Census?

I am reviewing a 1850 Census Image for Western Pennsylvania, and under place of birth I see both what looks like a "Pa" and a "Do". I know some of the individuals marked "Do" were born in Pennsylvania,...

united-states 19th-century census-records  
user avatar asked by CRSouser Score of 2
user avatar answered by PolyGeo Score of 6
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