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Top new questions this week:

Why would a family misspell their surname?

I found a family on the 1861 England census that I could be related to. However, when I look at the New GRO Index I find a different situation. It seems like the family said that their name was ...

census-records vital-records records  
asked by user1261710 9 votes
answered by ColeValleyGirl 31 votes

What are the reasons people from the same parish may have married by license?

My ancestor William Ward married Margaret Powell in 1706. They both resided in the parish of Overton, Flintshire (in Wales) and married by license. I have heard that typically the purpose of ...

18th-century marriage-records marriage-practices  
asked by Charlie 4 votes
answered by ColeValleyGirl 7 votes

Where to find World War 2 records for Canada?

I was told a family story and I would like to see if there are any records to verify the story. I was told that my grandfather began the military training for WW2 but just as he finished the military ...

military-records world-war-2 canada army  
asked by user1261710 3 votes
answered by ColeValleyGirl 5 votes

Where to find Catholic Church records for the early 1800s Middlesex, England?

I need to find Catholic church records for the time period between 1830 and 1860 St Giles & Bloomsbury, Middlesex and St Andrews, Middlesex. I have tried to look on Ancestry and on FindMyPast ...

england records catholic-church  
asked by user1261710 2 votes
answered by AntonyM 4 votes

Bulk changing content of place field (e.g. search and replace) using Gramps

Can I bulk change the content of the place field in GRAMPS genealogy software? I am discovering a lot of errors since I started using (trying to use) the "enclosed by" feature. Now I need to fix a ...

asked by MichaelG 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Seeking Royal Navy or Merchant Navy records of Arctic Convoys during World War 2?

How do I find my father's records in World War 2? I know he was in the arctic convoys but that is about all.

military-records world-war-2 united-kingdom navy  
asked by Susan 7 votes
answered by Jeni 4 votes

What does 'in attendance' mean on an England death certificate?

This is the death certificate of my x2 great-grandmother. The informant is her eldest son. What does 'in attendance' mean on a death certificate? Does it mean that the person was with her when she ...

england death-records civil-registration  
asked by user1261710 9 votes
answered by ColeValleyGirl 9 votes

Searching through family tree on by LOCATION?

If I want to find a particular person in my family tree on Ancestry, I use the field in the top right-hand corner of the screen that says "Find a person in this tree". A drop-down menu then appears, ...  
asked by Canadian Girl Scout 12 votes
answered by Jan Murphy 2 votes

Free/open software or method to convert PAF file to GEDCOM?

I know someone who has a PAF file he wants to use but can no longer access because Personal Ancestral File is gone from his computer. It's been discontinued, so he needs to move to something else and ...

gedcom software-recommendations  
asked by William Denton 4 votes
answered by Colin 6 votes

Any issues getting FTDNA sample vials through airport customs?

I'll be flying internationally next week with the express purpose of collecting DNA samples from some Aunts and an Uncle. I'm bringing a number of FTDNA kits with me (totalling 8 vials). I plan on ...

asked by Peter_Chamdo4Ever 6 votes
answered by Peter_Chamdo4Ever 9 votes

How many generations back will specific ethnicity show up in DNA?

When getting a DNA test, how many generations back will a specific ethnicity show up? Our family tree shows that our 5th great grandfather was African. My cousin just received her DNA results ...

dna ethnicity  
asked by user6176 4 votes
answered by hatchet - Reinstate Monica 8 votes

Finding records about Germans from Russia (Bessarabia)

Many of my German ancestors seem to have come from a place called Plotzk, Bessarabia. They ended up in South Dakota, many in Parkinston, Hutchinson County, SD. Here are some examples of a few of ...

germany poland russia bessarabia south-dakota  
asked by Canadian Girl Scout 7 votes
answered by Canadian Girl Scout 9 votes
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