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Top new questions this week:

how to find out about german prisoners of war after they returned to Germany

I am trying to find out more about a group of German prisoners of war who worked on my grandparents farm in the north of England in the late 1940s. I have letters which they sent from Germany in the ...

germany world-war-2  
asked by Padjo59 3 votes
answered by lejonet 1 vote

Would half siblings share the same DNA links to extended family

I've matched with either a half sibling\aunt or niece on MyHeritage - we chatted and it seems like we share the same father. However, I have links to a 1st cousin once removed or second cousin, for ...

dna autosomal-dna relationship-analysis  
asked by Sasha Duguid 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

How do I unaccept a hint in Ancestry's online tree system?

Some time ago, I confused two people with the same name. I've since split off the extra person and corrected the information for both people, but the "main" person I'm interested in still lists a ... hints  
asked by richardtallent 10 votes
answered by cheap 5 votes

Has a modern genealogy been traced back to a biblical person?

I have heard claims that people have traced their genealogy back to King David of the Old Testament. But I've also heard that most (if not all) have major gaps or assumptions in the lineage. Is there ...

proof bible documenting  
asked by lkessler 13 votes
answered by Lennart Regebro 16 votes

What is the origin of the surname 'Dubé'?

I been tracking down my family history before they settled in North America. I was very fortunate to be able to track down my mother's side. But with my father's side I was not so fortunate. We know ...

surnames france  
asked by Musk 3 votes
answered by Shayna 7 votes

Finding WW2 Royal Navy Records related to Glendower, Pembroke and other bases/ships?

Are there likely to be records to access for more information for my father (deceased in 1993)? He served aboard a number of ships (land sites) from 1943-46. I have his certificate of service ...

military-records world-war-2 navy  
asked by willaim howard 8 votes

Tracing Romanian & Hungarian ancestry?

My soon to be wife is Romanian, I would like to add her family to my tree so that any future children will have a more complete tree rather than just Dad's side. My issue is that her mother is the ...

records 20th-century europe romania  
asked by AvieRose 8 votes
answered by Dr Ioan-Luca Vlad 3 votes

Why would a family misspell their surname?

I found a family on the 1861 England census that I could be related to. However, when I look at the New GRO Index I find a different situation. It seems like the family said that their name was ...

census-records vital-records records  
asked by user1261710 9 votes
answered by ColeValleyGirl 36 votes

Displaying exponentially growing family tree in practical way?

I have now almost completed my family tree, having each branch going back to approximately the French revolution, discovering dozens of previously unknown ancestors. I would like to share the family ...

family-tree pedigree  
asked by Bregalad 10 votes
answered by Harry V. 10 votes
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