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Top new questions this week:

Does AncestryDNA sequence the Y Chromosome, and if so, to what extent?

I have recently read that you can use third party tools like Morley's DNA and Cladefinder to generate your haplogroup from Raw DNA. SInce you get no haplogroup info from Ancestry, do they bother ... y-dna 23andme haplogroup  
asked by Charlie 3 votes
answered by Harry Vervet 6 votes

Understanding Maltese death records

I am trying to interpret the Maltese burial records found on the Malta Archives website, but am confused as to what the columns correspond to. There appear to be multiple names in each entry, as well ...

death-records catholic-church malta  
asked by Charlie 1 vote
answered by shoover 2 votes

How can I verify a record of burial on Hart Island, New York?

I have found a FindAGrave memorial that lists a Nathain Affelder, died December 3, 1944. The memorial notes that Nathain Affelder was buried on Hart Island. The person who posted the memorial is no ...

new-york-city new-york-state 1940s burial-records  
asked by Francine1040 1 vote

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Why are 99% of my Ashkenazi DNA matches not in the Middle East or Central Asia?

I took DNA tests through four major services: familytreedna, 23andMe, ancestry, and NatGeo/Helix. I am identified no less than 85% Ashkenazi. I also ran my results through dnaland, gedmatch, and ...

dna jewish ethnicity  
asked by JJLL 11 votes
answered by Harry Vervet 19 votes

What is the origin of the surname 'Dubé'?

I been tracking down my family history before they settled in North America. I was very fortunate to be able to track down my mother's side. But with my father's side I was not so fortunate. We know ...

surnames france  
asked by Musk 3 votes
answered by Shayna 7 votes

England - what are some possible reasons that my ancestor only listed his daughters in his will and none of his sons?

I found the will of my 3x great-grandfather. Robert Fowler BIRTH ABT. 1767 • Thorganby, Yorkshire, England DEATH ABT FEB 1833 • Thorganby, Yorkshire, England He had several children: Ann Fowler ...

england probate-records will  
asked by user1261710 10 votes
answered by sempaiscuba 19 votes

What is the best way to clean old photographs?

I have some old photos that have smudges of dirt and other unknown stuff on them. These are the things that I have done to try to improve them: White eraser (this has worked okay). Soft cloth (...

preservation photo  
asked by Canadian Girl Scout 8 votes
answered by AvieRose 7 votes

Average time between birth and baptism in the Church of England?

Because it is relatively uncommon to find sources of birth dates before the start of civil registration in England in 1837, it is a widespread (and I think not unreasonable) convention for ...

england statistics baptism-practices anglican-church  
asked by Harry Vervet 7 votes
answered by Colin 5 votes

Possible half-sibling based on matching Centimorgans

I have been using for years. A year back I submitted my DNA test. I have had quite a few matches that land in the distant relative to 3rd or 2nd cousin range. Recently, I was notified ...

dna autosomal-dna relationship-analysis  
asked by WSchroeder 3 votes
answered by lkessler 2 votes

Software options to display whole tree from imported GEDCOM?

I am not content with the limited options that I have been able to find for viewing a tree. Many of the software packages I have located limit the tree to direct descendants and ancestors of one ...

asked by Risiki 15 votes
answered by Colin 7 votes
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