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Top new questions this week:

Software that export/imports sources

I have my main family tree on and I've added a lot of sources within the Ancestry interface i.e. the Sources appear with a small preview and a direct link to them. With a lot of my ... software-recommendations  
asked by boyrobot 4 votes
answered by Colin 1 vote

Recording Research Logs / Plans

I am looking for some guidance on how best to record the research I have completed so I do not duplicate the same research. I will also use the logs to plan future research. Can anyone point me in ...

research-methods software-recommendations  
asked by Karl Roberts 3 votes
answered by lejonet 2 votes

X-DNA and Half Sister

I am a female. Another female and I have come up as sharing 1915 cM's and when we do the one to one X-DNA on GED Match, if we click on "prevent hard breaks", we have a straight blue line across the ...

dna autosomal-dna x-dna  
asked by JoGe 2 votes
answered by PolyGeo 1 vote

Locating 1912 Russian town of Novoe Kurhane

My grandfather came to USA in 1912. In his Federal Naturalization record he said his town was Novoe Kurhane in Russia. I can't find the town on maps. Does anyone know where Novoe Kurhane was or ...

russia 1910s historical-gazetteer  
asked by Linda Koeppel 2 votes
answered by Petr 5 votes

Have I found both biological parents, one biological parent or should I keep looking?

My husband's mother was adopted without any records (1910 NYC). I located her biological paternal family along with several possible brothers through DNA. I cannot locate her biological maternal ...

dna autosomal-dna 23andme  
asked by G.H. 2 votes

Understanding shared DNA of 1,576 cM with great nephew

I had my DNA tested through Ancestry. About a year ago, my great nephew (I'll call him GN-1) whom I raised had his tested. The match came up Close Family–1st Cousin Shared DNA: 1,576 cM across 69 ...

dna autosomal-dna relationship-analysis  
asked by Patricia 2 votes
answered by Valorie Zimmerman 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Importing source from Ancestry or FamilySearch into Gramps automatically?

I've been using for a couple of years online, and recently got their desktop software to help manage trees better. One of the reasons I had created my trees online was the ease of ...

sources gramps product-support gedcom  
asked by Gene Golovchinsky 11 votes
answered by Fortiter 7 votes

Total centimorgans vs shared dna segments?

What is the relevance of the amount of shared DNA segments? Example: I have a match that is from my adopted grandmother's family. The match shares 167 cMs over 12 DNA segments. I typically use DNA ...

asked by Kelli 4 votes
answered by lkessler 5 votes

Finding WW2 Royal Navy Records related to Glendower, Pembroke and other bases/ships?

Are there likely to be records to access for more information for my father (deceased in 1993)? He served aboard a number of ships (land sites) from 1943-46. I have his certificate of service ...

military-records world-war-2 navy  
asked by willaim howard 8 votes
answered by AvieRose 6 votes

How long do results typically take for Ancestry DNA test?

I ordered a family DNA test from and sent it in for lab processing, they received it and the web page shows: Test in Process: Lab processing began on 02/26/2015 It is now four days ...

dna autosomal-dna  
asked by WilliamKF 4 votes
answered by CRSouser 8 votes

How should I record women with unknown maiden name?

When I find a woman's married name and have not yet found her maiden name what is the best way to record her name? If I put nothing, I end up with many Jane or Mary names in my list and have no easy ...

asked by Jeni 19 votes

Finding out which DNA matches are from paternal side?

I've submitted my DNA to Ancestry and GEDmatch in a desperate attempt to match to anyone from my paternal side. I am unsure of who my father is and my mother will take that information to her grave. ...

dna autosomal-dna  
asked by elizabeth.b 4 votes
answered by cleaverkin 4 votes

Software options to display whole tree from imported GEDCOM?

I am not content with the limited options that I have been able to find for viewing a tree. Many of the software packages I have located limit the tree to direct descendants and ancestors of one ...

asked by Risiki 15 votes
answered by Colin 7 votes
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