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Seeking passenger list for SS Wittekind which landed in Baltimore, Maryland in 1910

Looking for the Passengers list on the SS Witteland. Landed in Baltimore, Maryland on June 11, 1910. Name Marcin Glowacki. His final destination was Grand Rapids Michigan. Born November 4, 1892.

poland 1910s manifest maryland  
asked by Kowesnki 2 votes
answered by sempaiscuba 3 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Until what age did little boys in the early 1900s wear dresses?

I found a family photo from 1910. Someone wrote on the back that it was four sisters and a baby brother from my uncles and aunts. But that wouldn't work for the ages of those particular children. I ...

united-states photo-identification photo-dating georgia-usa  
asked by Bruce James 6 votes
answered by Jan Murphy 5 votes

What did "SVO co" mean in Worcester, Massachusetts circa 1940?

I have been trying to track my great grandfather's life as detailed as possible. In doing so, I came across two nearly identical entries for him in the Polk's Worcester City Directories, one from 1939,...

asked by Jimmy G. 12 votes
answered by shoover 18 votes

Is a half-sibling match on AncestryDNA reliable, or is more testing needed?

I'm new at the DNA testing but here are my results. After receiving my DNA results in January 2016 my first match was with a known cousin who is also on Ancestry with a score of 959 centimorgans at 41 ...

dna autosomal-dna relationship-analysis half-siblings  
asked by skilax50 10 votes
answered by RobertShaw 7 votes

Freehold and copyhold land in 18th century England?

The will of my ancestor, Matthew Wilson of Wannerton, dated 1776, refers to "my Freehold or Copyhold Lands or Tenements in the parish of Clent or elsewhere". What do the terms freehold and copyhold ...

england land property manor  
asked by Sue Adams 9 votes
answered by TomH 5 votes

Average time between birth and baptism in the Church of England?

Because it is relatively uncommon to find sources of birth dates before the start of civil registration in England in 1837, it is a widespread (and I think not unreasonable) convention for ...

england statistics baptism-practices anglican-church  
asked by Harry V. 7 votes
answered by Colin 5 votes

What were UK reserved occupations during World War 2?

In the United Kingdom, men in certain essential occupations were exempt from military service in World War 2. Which occupations were reserved? Is there an accesible list or reference book I could ...

united-kingdom world-war-2 military-practices  
asked by Sue Adams 15 votes
answered by Badger Stripey-One 1 vote

Determining relationship (e.g. number of removes) with cousin?

How do I figure out if someone is a first cousin, second cousin, cousin once-removed, etc?

asked by Jeni 14 votes
answered by TomH 18 votes
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