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Top new questions this week:

Clarification of Dates listed in the Verlustlisten - WWI German Casualties Lists 1918

I've encountered conflicting explanations of the dates listed in the German WWI Casuality lists - Verlustlisten. My information is from Vol. 1918_XVI, List #2145, List Date: 9 Oct 1918. The soldier I'...

military-records world-war-1  
asked by Brenda Carr 6 votes
answered by lejonet 3 votes

Showing Adopted Name and Birth Name on Family Tree

My biological parents gave birth to 9 children. When my birth father died, the 4 youngest children (including me) were put up for adoption and our names were changed. (4 different adoptive families) ...

family-tree adoption  
asked by primelife1 2 votes

Greatest hits from previous weeks:

Genetic Distance to Generations Calculation for Y-STR DNA tests

As a follow-up to the Q&A on Generational Loss of Data with DNA Testing, which described generational detail loss really well for Autosomal, I am now looking for a calculation or some basic ...

dna y-dna  
asked by CRSouser 8 votes
answered by Harry V. 7 votes

Are there any privacy issues regarding publishing the image of a grave marker online?

I know that some families have 'family plots' and cemeteries on private land, but there are so many cemeteries open to the public - Am I allowed to just take a photo of any tombstone and publish it ...

privacy grave-marker cemeteries  
asked by Canadian Girl Scout 22 votes
answered by Justin808 16 votes

Average number of people per name?

Are there statistics of "name ambiguity? For example, how many people share the same full name on average? This would be particularily interesting per country.

census-records surnames  
asked by Chase 2 votes
answered by Rob Hoare 8 votes

What is the standard method for recording married names?

Suppose Mary A marries John B and then (after his death or divorce) she marries James C. Rightly or wrongly my impression is that conventional practice in GEDCOM based programs is to record only ...

naming-convention surnames standards  
asked by AdrianB38 14 votes
answered by bstpierre 9 votes

How long do results typically take for AncestryDNA test?

I ordered a family DNA test from and sent it in for lab processing, they received it and the web page shows: Test in Process: Lab processing began on 02/26/2015 It is now four days ...

dna autosomal-dna  
asked by WilliamKF 3 votes
answered by CRSouser 8 votes

Possible half-sibling based on matching Centimorgans

I have been using for years. A year back I submitted my DNA test. I have had quite a few matches that land in the distant relative to 3rd or 2nd cousin range. Recently, I was notified ...

dna autosomal-dna relationship-analysis  
asked by WSchroeder 3 votes
answered by lkessler 2 votes

Why would the ages on a 1877 Marriage Certificate be so wrong?

I wasn't expecting to find this when I received a marriage certificate in the post today. The year of marriage is 1877 in the registration district of Exeter. Mary Ann Vickery, age 22 which make her ...

england marriage-records 1870s  
asked by Andrew Truckle 10 votes
answered by user104 16 votes
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