One of the ways that the community moderates the site is by reviewing posts that have been identified by users or the system as needing review to help determine whether the contribution is beneficial to the site. Once you have achieved 350 reputation, you have access to the first set of Review queues – and you’ll gain access to more as your reputation increases.

Review queues show you posts one at a time, so that you can evaluate what, if any, action is needed. Each queue is equipped with distinct options so that you may take appropriate action – in one, you may be looking at the first posts by new users. In another, edits suggested by lower-reputation users or assessing questions to determine if they should be closed or reopened.

Each queue has a specific purpose and each of the following Help center pages will help you learn more about how to review in each queue:

  • First posts - 350 reputation. The First Posts queue contains the first posts made by users. These posts may need special attention because the users are not familiar with site quality rules.
  • Late answers - 350 reputation. This queue contains answers that were posted much later than the question. Reviewing these posts makes sure that great new answers get seen and problematic answers get removed.
  • Triage – Stack Overflow only - 500 reputation. The primary goal of Triage is to quickly sort questions into groups: good as is, needs community editing, or should be closed/flagged.
  • Help and improvement - Stack Overflow only - 2,000 reputation. This queue lets you edit questions that were flagged in Triage as needing community editing.
  • Low quality posts - 1,000 reputation. This queue contains posts that were determined to be of low quality based on a system-generated quality score and/or user flags.
  • Suggested edits - 1,000 reputation. Editing other people's posts requires 1,000 reputation. When users without enough reputation submit an edit, their proposed changes go into this queue.
  • Close votes - 500 reputation. When questions aren’t a good fit for our format or scope, they need to be closed. Questions with active close votes or close flags show up in this queue so that others can review whether they should be closed.
  • Reopen votes - 500 reputation. When closed questions get edited, or if others disagree with the closure, they can be reopened. Questions with active reopen votes, as well as questions whose bodies have been edited during the first 70 days since they were closed appear in this queue.

Note: The First posts and Late answers queues do not exist on Meta sites.