My 2nd great grandmother Grace Martin Wills was born on 8 Feb 1849 at Carnarton and christened on 8 Apr 1849 at Tuckingmill which is between Camborne and Illogan in Cornwall. Her father George was a Labourer.

In the 1851 Census their household was enumerated at Carnarton (in the ecclesiastical district of Tuckingmill, in the parish of Illogan) with her father George's occupation given as Rail Labourer.

I have not been able to locate Carnarton but at http://www.old-maps.co.uk/ I searched for Tuckingmill and not far to its south east, I located Carn Arthen and other place names like Carnarthen Farm.

Would this be the same location?


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As commented by @ColeValleyGirl, it appears that I have identified the correct location based on a post at http://members.ozemail.com.au/~peterpjw/Carnarthen.html

Carnarthen - a locality, about half way between Camborne and Redruth, in the parish of Illogan. It is surrounded by Brea, Bosleake, Piece, Carnkie, Treskillard, Higher Condurrow, Pengegon and Tuckingmill. It lies in the tin and copper mining region of the parish. Carnarthen was the name of a farm at this location. Sometimes rendered Carn Arthen or Carnarton. Records also refer to Carnarthen Moor. Click here for a map of the area around Carnarthen Farm circa 1888.

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