My mother arrived from Finland at the port of Quebec on June 2, 1923 at 23 years old. She resided for 19 years before passing away in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. I would like to research her life in Finland through baptism, school, employment or other documents. I have access to persons in Finland for translation, document search, etc.

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Let me guess: was your mother Anna Korttilalli (Kortti) who married Henry Selin in 1924? And that her parents were Jaakko Korttilalli and Anna Mikkola? If so then she was Anna Kreeta Korttilalli, born in Ii on July 17, 1899. It seems that this Geni profile is about Anna: https://www.geni.com/people/Anna-Selin/6000000032393226242. Maybe the manager of that profile can provide more information or further contacts. The baptism record is available online at the pay site sukuhistoria.fi. You could contact the parish for further information contained in the church records.

It might help a bit that Korttilalli is quite a rare name - there are currently only 20 people in Finland having that name. Maybe your contacts in Finland might be able to find her relatives.


For generic help with Finnish genealogy a good starting point may be FamilySearch.org:

Guide to Finland ancestry, family history, and genealogy: birth records, marriage records, death records, census records, family history, and military records.

Alternatively, we currently have just a few Q&As here tagged that are worth reviewing for specific ideas.

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