I am looking at a sworn testimony for an application to transfer a Revolutionary War pension that speaks of moving before May 1838 from Aurora, Dearborn, Indiana to this location, also in Indiana:

Name of town that is hard to read.

I'm not able to figure out what it says. I suspect it is in the County of Warrick since it appears that is where the Notary took place describing the move:

Legal header for State of Indiana, probably County of Warrick

Trying to read the town, as best as I can make it out, it reads Yerklesburgh, but I don't find any town with a name like that in Indiana.

Does anyone recognize the name of this town or area in Indiana?

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Looks like it's Sprinklesburgh – an old name for the town that is now Newburgh, Warrick Co., Indiana.

The original name was after founder John Sprinkle. According to this Newburgh History, Sprinklesburgh was united with Newburg in 1841 to form Newburgh.


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