According to my Ancestry DNA autosomal test results, my admixture is 70% Sub-Saharan African, 25% European and 4% Native American. Which Gedmatch admixture calculators might I find particularly useful for ferreting out further detail on such a combination? I'm familiar with the limitations of autosomal interpretation in general and Gedmatch calculators in particular. I'm not seeking exact answers through the calculators, but I know that some are more skewed toward certain populations than others.

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For your African ancestry, accounting for European:

  • in project Dodecad, try calculator Dodecad V3
  • in project Ethiohelix, try EthioHelix K10 + French
  • in project GedrosiaDNA, try calculator Gedrosia K3

For your Native American ancestry,

  • in project Eurogenes, try comparing calculator Eurogenes K12 with K12b
  • in project HarrapaWorld, try its one calculator

For more information, History Chick posted A Gedmatch Admixture Guide that gives a description of each of the calculators.

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