I understand the 'seven daughters of Eve' is now up to 36 clans per a 'golden thread' figure in a recent issue (Fall 2016) of American Ancestors. Do the names map to haplogroups? My mtDNA haplogroup is V15A - which daughter's name goes with my haplogroup? Is there a table mapping clan names to haplogroups?

daughters of Eve

In the figure, the colors of the threads correspond to continents - gold for Europe, red for Africa, green is Asia, purple is the Americas. The rings correspond to 10,000 years increments.

  • It's a great marketing gimmick, but what's the likelihood that an early "Limber" actually named her child Limber?
    – RonJohn
    Nov 26 '17 at 4:50

The ISOGG Wiki has a table mapping clan names to haplogroups.

Of the 36 clans in your diagram, all but 4 of them are listed: Hera, Irena, Rhea and Wanda.

The table also gives associations for 6 names that are not among the clans in your diagram: Iris, Lila, Latifa, Rohani, Ulaana and Wilma.

Your V15a group would be Velda.

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