Can you help me to find either a Birth Record or a 1900 Census Record for Marie Paris who was born 28 Mar 1885 at St Louis, Missouri?

Marie's parents are: Isabella Washington (Benden - div) Paris aka Belle and Louis A Paris. Louis and belle married in New Jersy in 1884 and divorced by 1893.

Marie married Paul Pflager in 1906 and Wayne Poston c 1928. One daughter born of the union with Paul Pflager. Marie frequently mis-stated her age in documentation; 1885 is the correct year.

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Based on your Ancestry tree, I'm thinking this 1900 St. Louis, MO census record is at least a possibility (Belle Brewer and children William & Pansey):


The names, ages, and locations are the same or similar, and maybe Pansy was a nickname?

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