I'm entering my uncle's mtDNA results from FamilyTreeDNA into mitosearch. But I ran into two problems that their help doesn't seem to answer.

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Problem 1: FamilyTreeDNA provides differences from two different reference sequences: RSRS (the Reconstructed Sapiens Reference System) and rCRS (the revised Cambridge Reference System). Which one do I enter into Mitosearch?

Problem 2: See the dropdown in the above image. It allows entry of the four nucleotides A, C, G and T. My uncle's mutations include some heteroplasmy, which is the presence of more than one mtDNA sequence in a cell. They are represented by different letters. In my uncle's case, one of his mutations has a Y, which I understand to represent C or T. How do I enter this into Mitosearch?

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I found in the Family Tree DNA Learning Centre, an article on the mtDNA Matches Page, and they have in their Q&A there this question and answer:

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When I try this procedure, it loads my HVR1 and HVR2 results into Mitosearch for me.

Answer for Problem 1: It uses the rCRS values

Answer for Problem 2: For the mutations that are not one of A, C, G or T, it simply leaves that column blank.

It's still not perfectly clear, though, because the Y mutation got entered as 1670Y and gave an error. I changed it to 16270 and it still wasn't accepted:

enter image description here

So I entered a "T" where it should be a Y. That was accepted, and I added a note stating that the "T" should be a Y, meaning "C" or "T".

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