My grandfather was born in 1885 at Lagody/Lagodi, Poland/Russia (Vilna/Wilna gubernia) and came to USA 1911.

Lagody/Lagoda/Lahady is now in Belarus (Hrodna/Grodno province) and is still a small village (3.7 miles from Shchuchin and 50-60 miles from Hrodna/Grodno, Belarus).

The Russian Orthodox parish records are not in the archives of Grodno, Belarus.

My 2nd Great Grandfather was born around 1830 (I know his first name & the names of 3 children).

My Great Grandfather born around 1860 (I know the names of 9 children & births of 4 children & 3 grandchildren). They all lived in Lagody.

Would these records be in Poland, Russia, Lithuania or Belarus?

My surname is spelled different and I can provide:

  1. Name written in "Old Russian" on 1913 passport.
  2. Name written 2 ways on US immigration records.
  3. Current spelling used by a relative living in Lagody/Lagoda/Lahady, Belarus.
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Lahady didn't have their own orthodox church, so their parish was in Szchuchin (Shchuchin) - foto of the church here, and you need records of the church in Shchuchin.

Records of this parish are in different archives.

  1. In Lithuanian National Archive - only baptisms of 1889 year. You can look through them here
  2. In National Belarussian Archive in Minsk - years 1845, 1860. Fond 246, inventory 1.
  3. In National Belarussian Archive in Grodno - years 1872-1881, 1889-1893,1901-1904, 1912-1913,1915, 1922-1939 гг.

Archives of Poland have records about Grodno gubernia, but mostly they are jewish records.

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    Just piggybacking here to say that I have ordered and received records from the Grodno archives before, and although it took them months to actually deliver the records, they gave me a wealth of information. It's worth following up on. Write your e-mail to them in very simplistic language and use short sentences, then translate it all with Google Translate online, then e-mail them both the Belarusian text and the English text below it. (You can also e-mail them in Russian, but given the political sensibilities in the area, I think trying to use Belarusian would be more welcome.)
    – Asparagirl
    Commented Dec 14, 2016 at 20:15

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