I have what I assume is a wedding announcement or memorial: enter image description here

I believe this memorializes the marriage between Alois Kovach and Josephine Gregorčič who were married in either Germany, Austria, or Slovenia. Does anyone know what language this is written in? I see that in both German and Modern Slovene January is Januar, which may be what is written but the n and u would be very similar, so I'm unsure of my reading.

Is this a wedding announcement? Does it give the date of marriage and location? What other information does it tell us about the marriage? What are the spellings of the names written? What language is this written in? Is there any known history to this heart shaped memorial?


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It is a wedding souvenir and it is in German

Alois Kowatsch
Josefa Kowatsch
geb Gregortschitsch
10. Januar 1898
zu Oestereich.

that is: [groom] Alois Kowatsch
[bride] Josefa Kowatsch, maiden name Gregortschitsch
married 10. January 1898 in Austria

The resources mentioned in Reading given name of German great-grandaunt? would have helped you with reading the typeface.

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