Can anyone recommend a means of informally publishing a short family history that includes text, charts, and photos, for a non-family-researching audience?

This would be intended for an 80th birthday gift, for someone interested in history, but not necessarily the nuts & bolts of family history research. Ideally it would be around 30 pages with good-quality images- a sort of genealogy picture book!?

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I like the software Gramps to export my data in book format. You can include graphs, images, etc. Pretty easy to use also. Software is free and can be downloaded from here. Also, see Printing (or pdf) of FULL report including all jpg files for alternatives.


Just FYI- I've ended up putting together a 'photo book' using shutterfly.com. I haven't received the final product yet, but their online interface is pretty easy to use and it offers a lot of options for layout that include significant portions of text, and large two-page images. For the relationship charts, I just exported them from my genealogy software as jpg files and placed them in the book. It seems like a good way to share genealogical research with the immediate family in an engaging way.

  • Book has arrived- good quality and turned-around within one week from submission.
    – user5836
    Commented Jun 14, 2017 at 17:27

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