I got the important information: name of the ship (George Friedrich), it's commandant, it's capitan (Johann Peter Christian Rosilius) the date and place of departure and arrival (Altona Port Germany 27/06/1824 to Rio de Janeiro Brazil 11/10/1824).

How can I find the documents with the personal name of the passengers?

I only know that some members of the Peters family were on board, but not their names!

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  • @farewell stack exchange. The question may be similar, but if you read it again, you will see that I'm looking for the list of individual passengers names on a known ship (I'm giving the dates and names). On the ColeValleyGirl question, she is looking for a list of the name of the ships. there is no answers for my question. I'm still not wiser than I was yesterday. Commented Sep 5, 2017 at 19:36

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Using www.familysearch.org, I found (was the only thing I found) this microfilm. The film (1808-1922) description states:

Records of immigrants entering and leaving the port of Rio de Janeiro; includes records of persons entering and leaving the immigrant hostelry in Rio de Janeiro. Many of the record books include lists of passengers and lists of ships.

Since it says it lists ships, and the date range covers your 1824, perhaps you could find your George Friedrich ship there, luckily.

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