I have been indexing on a FamilySearch (US Oregon Draft Registration WWII, this particular record was registered in 1942) and have come across a place name in Macadonia, Greece that I can find no where on the internet and I am not sure what the last two letters are. enter image description here

It looks like ‘Brazneeto’ or ‘Brazneetio’ but I cannot find anything to that affect anywhere on the internet. It could be that the name has been changed.

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I am not an expert on Macedonian place names or history but from

Macedonian Village Names

THE NAMES OF 804 MACEDONIAN VILLAGES IN AEGEAN MACEDONIA, occupied by Greece in 1912, that have forcedly been changed from 1926 and forward.

Submitted by Lena Jankovski and Alex Bakratcheff

I wonder whether it may be:

MACEDONIAN NAME (District) Greek changed name
Breznitza       (Kostur)   Vatohorion

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