AI am looking for family records for Gioacchino Misita, who was a cook in the Italian Army in WWI.

He was from Collessano, Sicily. He was shot in the leg.

How can I access his service record?

I do not read Italian so I am at a great disadvantage.

  • Welcome to G&FH SE! As a new user be sure to take the Tour to learn about our focussed Q&A format which is quite different from bulletin boards, discussion forums and other Q&A sites you may be used to. I think the place to start here is by trying to find Gioacchino's WW1 service record, because that may tell you something about his family like his next of kin. – PolyGeo Nov 22 '17 at 22:08
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    See also: genealogy.stackexchange.com/questions/12125 – nkjt Nov 23 '17 at 10:41

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