Moritz Martin Bernhardt is my great-grand father.

I was able to learn his age and place of birth (1827 Treptow, Prussia) from his application for US Citizenship.

I found his date and place of death (1862 Fredericksburg, Texas) in the pioneer church book in Fredericksburg, Texas.

His life and family in Prussia, however, is still unknown and I would like to identify his parents and gain more precise information about his birth.

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    I've edited your question based on the more detailed information you've provided and focussed it on finding more details of his birth. If you want a different focus, you can use the Edit button under the question to modify it.
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    Jan 13, 2018 at 15:38

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Have you sought out his tombstone? Jewish tombstones when inscribed in Hebrew will often give the father's first name as in Moritz (possibly Moshe in Hebrew) son of the honorable ______.

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