I've attempted to transcribe the entry for Mali Cirnik 11 in the Austrian Empire in the first half of the 19th century:

enter image description here

This is written in German using Kurrent handwriting style.

In particular, I wonder about these:

  • First Name: Lumsoluior
  • Location: grenjak
  • Wife's name: Bruzivi Trimjerfu
  • Son Franz's birth month: gborm
  • Scribbled ink name: Joseph Luyarizh
  • Scribbled pencil name: Martin Barthol

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A few suggestions:

  • Bartelmä Gregorzhizh
  • wife: Luzia Perjatu
  • Franz' birth month: 9ber (November)

I don't have any better suggestion for the place name, perhaps someone with local knowledge can provide more insight on this.

Likewise I hesitate to guess on the signed names at the bottom; however I do not think they read Joseph Luyarizh or Martin Barthol.

In my very limited experience in German palaeography, my favourite resource for German handwriting is the BYU German script tutorial. When deciphering this handwriting you have to forget what the letters look like in English, and (particularly if unfamiliar with German) take it one letter at a time. I find it helpful to have both the document and a reference alphabet open side by side on my screen.

  • I do believe the second, fainter name does read "Martin Barthol[omäus]". There is also a third word, barely legible, that follows these two. I won't even hazard a guess. Jan 23, 2018 at 15:21

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