My Grand Father, James Alfred Capon, was a Nurse Child. He had the family surname on a census. I am in a Family Circle with the family he stayed with.

Does this mean he was their child?

My father and I have the same surname of CAPON and I am asking because I cannot find his birth certificate.

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    Welcome to G&FH SE! As a new user be sure to take the Tour to learn about our focussed Q&A format which is quite different from bulletin boards, discussion forums and other Q&A sites you may be used to. When say that you are "in a Family Circle with the family he stayed with" do you perhaps mean that you are "in a DNA Circle with descendants of the family he stayed with"? Which census was this in? – PolyGeo Apr 13 '18 at 1:33

It's unlikely that a family would refer to their own son as a nurse-child, but he might still be a blood relative. The linked question describes all sorts of reasons why someone might be a nurse-child, but if you have a confirmed DNA link to the adoptive family, that suggests a relationship of some sort.

I have an example of a nurse-child in a similar situation.

In the 1911 census he was listed as a "Nurse Child" and had a different surname to the family he was with. (He had their surname in all subsequent records, as do his descendants.) That led to a birth certificate. He was born in the workhouse with a mother named, but no father. His mother's surname turned out to be the same as his adoptive mother's maiden name, and I was able to demonstrate that they were sisters.

So he was raised by his aunt, and in this case his descendants would certainly have DNA matches to his adoptive family.

I think it's worth investigating the adoptive family further - look at their relatives (siblings, cousins...) and see if any registered the birth of a son at around the right time. His birth surname may well have been something other than Capon, which would explain why you haven't found his registration yet.

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