I had a match on Ancestry of a lady who was adopted as a baby, who is looking for her birth parents. She is my age. She matched at 1111 across 45 DNA segments! I know that is in range that is more than my known first cousins on the same tree! Even my cousin who is doubly-related! [888]. She tested less with him, but still in range of first cousins. Why so high? It must be one of my two uncles [my mom's brothers], nether had living offspring of their own and are deceased, as is my mother. I elimated my aunts because they were married and having their own families at the time.


Entering your shared 1111 Centimorgans into the Shared cM Project tool at DNA Painter suggests first cousin is one of the most likely relationships.

There are a number of other possibilities, as you will see by clicking the link above, but they mostly come from other generations.

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