All three are by the groom in an English marriage certificate. #1 from 1751 lists him as a bachelor; #2 from 1758 lists him as a widower; #3 from 1763 does not specify a marital status. All are from Kent. #1 and #2 are from the same parish. #3 is from a different parish but not far.

We are trying to determine whether the same person was married more than once for the purpose of constructing a family tree.

marriage certificate signatures

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    Are you 100% positive that these are truly originals? Many of the records I have used from the same time period, but in the US, are copies by the town clerk because the originals were deteriorating. – Leah Worster Jul 7 '18 at 2:15
  • Thank-you for this. Yes it is worth considering that the signatures are forgeries, in which case no conclusions can be drawn by the comparison. These are from the UK. I think they are originals, but I think the clerk may have forged the signatures. In two cases it was the same clerk. – Laurence Jul 9 '18 at 12:43

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