I have some limited information about a great-grandfather.

So far, this is the information that I have:

  • Johann Löprich
  • Born around 1868
  • Married to 18 April 1892 to Anna Müller in Rafael, Sibiu, (Hermannstadt) Romania
  • Father - Johann Löprich
  • Mother - Maria Löprich
  • Died around 1929 in Canton, Ohio, USA

How do I find more information about Johann in order to find other relatives either in Romania or who may have immigrated to Germany or Austria after the war?


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Löprich is a common Transylvania Saxon surname and the German name for Râvâsel is Rosch. There are many resources for Transyvania Saxon research besides the official Romanian records.

Historical records

While Rosch was a relatively small village, Ancestry.com does include 1885-1895 baptism, marriage and burial records of the Lutheran church in Rosch in Romania, Vital Records from Selected Regions, 1607-1914

There is a project based in Germany to extract records from various sources but there doesn't seem to be anyone concentrating on Rosch.

Contemporary Contacts

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