I have been trying to understand a DNA result and have been reading lots of info and asking questions of Ancestry.com. Still not finding an explaination that will help me move forward. I apologize if it is obvious, but just need a simple answer. Here is the scenario:

I received my DNA and it is laid out like this: 46% Italy- (which is right on the money, to the actual region, my mothers parents) 42% France- This is where I am confused. My father and the bulk of all his relatives come from Germany. Going back to the 1700's.

How far back can that 42% French have been inherited from. I keep seeing that DNA is inherited from 50%, from that 50%, and again and again.

How do I have such a large percentage French?

Is there a relative that I need to search for within the last say, 100years, or can it go back further than that?

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