Elwyn Bernard Blair was the youngest son of Edward and Barbara Blair.

At the time Elwyn died on 28 Jun 1934 at Atchison, Kansas, he was married and had an infant son Robert who was buried on 21 Dec 2007 at Atchison.

Elwyn had been married before to Pearl Fletcher and they had a daughter, Ruth. Ruth was approximately 30 years senior to her half brother Robert.

The son Robert did not receive any inheritance from his father, that we can find. My husband has reached out to the Blair family in Kansas regarding acknowledgement of his father Robert, and his family. The Blairs are not willing to talk with him.

How can we see what Elwyn's will designates his son's inheritance should have been?

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According to the FamilySearch wiki page for Atchison County, Kansas, the Atchison Magistrate Court has probate records, starting 1855. The FamilySearch catalog has some Atchison probate microfilms, but the dates are earlier than 1934. So, direct contact with the courthouse, by you or someone on your behalf, will be necessary. Not everyone made a will and, given his residence in Easton (see next paragraph), search should not be limited to Atchison County.

Elwyn's 1930 US census entry indicates he was a farmer in Easton, Leavenworth, Kansas, USA, who owned his land. Land records (purchase price, mortgage if any, tax records, sale date) may help determine his personal wealth at his death. However, 1934 was during the Great Depression. Circumstances (illness, foreclosure) could easily mean the family was left with very little estate. The Leavenworth County Register of Deeds has land records (Leavenworth County, Kansas Genealogy).

Newspapers may also help. Not just the obituary, but also court notices (regarding probate date or appointment of guardians and executors) and personal notices (such as the executor calling for any creditors to come forward). There are a number of newspaper websites listed on the wiki pages referenced above.

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