I am looking for a family connection to seafaring in 19th century.

The Morascini (Morrasini) family were located in the lower Alps region of northern Italy.

Was there a Morascini (Morrasini) on Italian naval roster anywhere during 19th century?

  • Welcome to G&FH SE! As a new user be sure to take the Tour to learn about our focussed Q&A format which is quite different from bulletin boards, discussion forums and other Q&A sites you may be used to. As it stands your question is quite broad. Is there any source that you have found that suggests there may be a "connection to seafaring in 19th century" for this family? If so, then referencing that would help any potential answerers help you.
    – PolyGeo
    Feb 10 '19 at 22:37
  • You may find this to be a useful starting point to your search: familysearch.org/wiki/en/Italy_Military_Records
    – PolyGeo
    Feb 10 '19 at 22:40

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