I have a couple of beefs with GEDMATCH as a web site -- nothing to do with DNA or genealogy.

  1. There is no link that I could find to a customer service or tech support function.
  2. My login keeps timing out as I'm doing research. It's on too short a fuse.
  3. The code that matches kit numbers needs to blank strip the search term! That is, a search for "A123455 " (space after the 5) won't find "A123455". This is a rookie programming mistake, BTW. [I'm an old curmudgeon with 50 years of programming experience. Sorry to seem rude.]
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    Try their email -- bottom of the logon page. Contact details also at the bottom of their policy statement at gedmatch.com/tos.htm. From their wiki: "Why do I have to keep logging on to GEDmatch.com in a single session? You will be automatically logged out after a short period of inactivity. This minimizes server load and increases security. Have a GEDmatch.com bookmark in your browser gedmatch.com." (Which is what keeps a site run by volunteers free for so many users -- personally, I subscribe.) – ColeValleyGirl May 10 at 9:36

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