My son recently had a match come up as close family the match is male and 1814cm.

His only living grandfather is already in our tree at 1857cm. All other grandparents are deceased and have never participated in Ancestry DNA.

When I review the shared matched between my son and the matched male they have matches consistent with my ex-husbands family. However none of my ex husbands brothers (his uncles) have done DNA testing.

My son has no grandchildren.

Is it possible that 1814cm could be the child of one of my ex husbands brothers children or am I looking at the possibility that there is a half sibling to my son?


You only mention his fraternal uncles, and not whether he has any fraternal aunts or maternal aunts/uncles available to test.

The Shared cM Project 3.0 tool v4 relationship suggestions for 1,814cM are:

  • Grandparent
  • Aunt / Uncle
  • Half Sibling
  • Niece / Nephew
  • Grandchild

If it is not possible that your son has any nieces or nephews (you do not say), then you seem to have eliminated the others, and so I think that just leaves half sibling to be examined in more detail.

You will also see at the link provided above that a Great-Aunt/Uncle to Great-Niece/Nephew could come into consideration but it says that:

this set of relationships is just within the threshold for 1814cM, but has a zero probability in thednageek's table of probabilities

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