I have Family Tree Maker 2005. Yeah, I know...way outta date. But when Ancestry said they weren't going to support it anymore, I just kept what I had. It works fine. Now I want to upgrade (actually have to purchase a new version). I'm looking at Family Tree Maker 2019 and it's now made by MacKiev.

Will my .ftm files open up in the new program? Will the Gedcom files I export from my old version open up in the 2019 version? Can I IMPORT my files to the new version?

The thought of manually entering all this information again is disheartening. Tell me something good, people.


Yes, You will be able to upgrade your old FTM to new version. Best thing for you to do right now is to purchase FTM17 since MacKiev giving free FTM19 upgrade to customer who are purchasing FTM17 right now and you can upload your old .FTM file to your New FTM software. Please click here to read the blog. Blog has step by step to get your old file imported in your new Family Tree Maker software.

Thank you

Toni Matthews

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