At AncestryDNA, until a few days or so ago, all my expected direct ancestors were listed correctly by ThruLines. Now when I look at them some of them have gone missing. For example, today I can only see 12 out of my 16 2nd great grandparents there.

What is causing this, and how do I get them back?

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I do not know exactly what is causing this but I strongly suspect that it relates to another oddity that I have noticed in my tree. That oddity is that many of the relationships seem to have recently flipped from Biological to Unknown, or from Spouse to Unknown, and I am noticing such flipped relationships on every direct ancestor of mine who has disappeared from ThruLines (on Ancestry.com.au) that I have investigated so far.

For example when I go to the profile of my 2nd great grandfather John Murch Stacy, who is missing from ThruLines, and choose Edit > Edit Relationships what I see is below, with red arrows where relationships seem to have flipped, with one of them being to my great grandfather Clement Howard Stacy.

enter image description here

As I find these I fix them, and after a day or two at least two of my missing direct ancestors have reappeared on ThruLines.

I have reported this to [email protected] who responded:

Thank you for contacting Ancestry regarding problems with your ThruLines not generating properly. We are always sorry to learn our members had a frustrating experience but are happy to help.

Thank you for reporting this concern. We are currently investigating this issue. If this is found to be a bug/issue, please note that we cannot provide any sort of time frame as to when it will be resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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    I found a way to find these problems systematically in the GEDCOM file. See here
    – R Carnell
    Commented Apr 18, 2021 at 19:01

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