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Extract 6

Admitted to ward 7 and put to bed in side room. Caution as to suicide. Is very often excited, terrified and noisy. Thinking she is going to be killed. Refuses food and has to be fed. ??? brandy ??? iii in XXIV (14) hours. Fed her rectum with hepitonized (???) milk.

I assume the first must be related to a medical measure again. I had not ever heard of feeding someone via their rectum before! Hepitonize is not a valid word so I wondered if it might be pasteurized.

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    No idea on the first part, but googling seems to confirm that "peptonized milk" was an established substance for feeding 'per rectum'
    – etmuse
    Aug 16, 2019 at 9:52

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I believe, after some investigation:

℞ brandy ℥iii in XXIV hours. Fed per rectum with peptonized milk.

designates a prescription
is an apothecary symbol denoting 'ounce' so 3 ounces per 24h
Peptonized milk 'per rectum' was apparently a common method of nutrition for those unable or struggling to eat normally

  • Thank you very much for your informative answer. I can't believe i wrote 14 instead of 24 either for XXIV! Aug 16, 2019 at 10:45

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