I'm trying to identify the location of this photograph from the Fall of 1958 in New York City. One store in photo says Broadway Book Store, so I assume this is Broadway.

enter image description here

It might be Broadway and West 47th Street near times square due to what I found here which shows a 1975 photo which includes a Florsheim shoes and a movie theatre. However, the Google street view of today looks nothing like this.

Perhaps this is the Macy's Day Parade from Thanksgiving 1958?

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Looks like this is on Broadway on the W 42nd St block.

Changed a lot since this photo taken but on Google Streetview you can see the old building (now Knickerbocker Hotel) on the right is still standing, quite distinctive brickwork.

enter image description here

Source: Google Streetview

Found this by checking an old Manhattan directory for Broadway Bookshop and Florsheim - the closest year I could find on a quick search was this 1946 directory, but that was good enough. Then just going over to our friend Google streetview…

Agree that the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade seems logical for the event.

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