I recently received a "DNA Match" on my account to some one who shows 1,177 cM shared. I am trying to understand what this is really telling me.

This is important to me as I do not know who my Father is but suspect I have a whole set of half siblings from his side.

I know who my mother was and have met my 1/2 siblings from her marriage to their Father, hence knowing my niece as stated below.

I have another post that shows 810 cM shared and that individual is my niece by my half sister.

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    – Jan Murphy
    Sep 17 '19 at 21:08

As commented by @MarshallClow:

DNA Painter suggests that "Half Aunt / Uncle - Half Niece / Nephew" are likely, with half sibling less likely, but still possible.

The range given by DNA Painter for half siblings is 1160 – 2436 cM which your value of 1177 is only just inside.

Your "niece by [your] half sister" is near the middle of the range of 500 – 1446 suggested for a half niece/nephew by DNA Painter.


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