Currently researching U-boat World War 1 activity on the west coast of Ireland. Attached is a copy of Defence of Realm Act Nov 1914.

Source: http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/pathways/firstworldwar/first_world_war/p_defence.htm

Also attached is a copy of a Petty Court Session in Mayo 1918, Steelaun where a relative of mine was fined for having a light in her house visible during sunset and sun rise in contravention of realm act. There was U Boat activity all around this coast line area. There is also anecdotal info on U Boats stopping at lighthouses, isolated inlets along coast etc. for fresh supplies as bread, milk from sympathetic parties?

Please note electrifcation did not occur until the late 1940S

https://esbarchives.ie/2017/09/18/electrifying-ireland-how-esb-connected-one-million-irish-homes-to-the-national-grid-1929-1978/ enter image description here

I am seeking an example of a sighting of a U boat in the Achill / Belmullet / Killala region of Mayo 1914 - 1918 .Petty court mayo 1918

Def of Realm 1914

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    Can you be clearer about what you're asking, please. Requests for 'any info' or any input' don't fit on this site -- what EXACTLY do you want to know. – ColeValleyGirl Oct 7 at 14:09
  • @ColeValleyGirl Presumably he is trying to verify a family story and/or the information in the petty court session, but it would have been useful to have that stated explicitly in the question. – Jan Murphy Oct 8 at 3:23

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