I am attempting to determine the location of an area whose name is difficult to read on two parish records from the parish of Forfar:

The marriage of John Ormond and Katherine Henderson in 1767 (bottom of the record)

"John Ormond weaver in Bankhead of T...ng and Katherine Henderson dau. to Ja.s Henderson farmer in Auchterforfar ... "

enter image description here

The birth of Charles Ormond to the above parents in 1776 (top of the record):

"John Ormond weaver in Bankhead of T...ing & Katherine Henderson his spouse had their child's name registered called Charles, being born and baptized this day."

Baptism of Charles Ormond 1776

I have looked through lists of the hamlets in the parish of Forfar during this time and haven't been able to find a place name that looks correct. There is a place called Tealing in Angus but it had its own church at the time and thus it seems implausible and there doesn't seem to be a place called "Bankhead of Tealing".

Any suggestions?

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It appears to be:

"Bankhead of Turfbeg"

Turfbeg is a district to the north-east of the modern town, in roughly the same place as "Bankhead" on this snippet from an 1850 map by James Knox:

Forfar and Bankhead

Bankhead and Turfbeg can be seen in rather better detail in this snippet from the 1861 Ordnance survey map of Forfar:

Snippet from 1861 Ordnance Survey map of Forfar

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    Well spotted. On one of my odd places I had to go through I can't remember how many maps in the NLS site. The one that had the name was quite a bit older than the reference as well. Just a name that was remembered by some, I guess. But the NLS site is definitely the place to go.
    – AdrianB38
    Oct 23, 2019 at 13:57
  • Great spot. Thanks
    – Charlie
    Oct 23, 2019 at 17:33

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