I need to find Catholic church records for the time period between 1830 and 1860 St Giles & Bloomsbury, Middlesex and St Andrews, Middlesex.

I have tried to look on Ancestry and on FindMyPast but they don't seem to have any of the records that I need. I have and can try to contact the individual parishes but some have been built after that and maybe they don't know where the earlier records are.

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Westminster Diocesan Archives are based in Kensington and have a comprehensive guide to the sacramental registers they hold available through the Family History pages of their website. https://rcdow.org.uk/diocese/archives/


The generally accepted source for information about what Roman Catholic parishes were where and when in England (and ?) is

"Catholic Missions & Registers 1700-1880", vol. 1-6;

Author: Michael Gandy

Published London : Michael Gandy, 1993

I don't, however, have access to any of the volumes for that part of the world.

Online information is generally to be found in the GENUKI system. See the GENUKI Gazetteer. There are pages for Holborn St. Andrew, St. Giles In The Fields and Bloomsbury, which may or may not be the (Anglican) parishes that you need. None look especially fruitful, with only 2 RC parishes listed - founded in 1873 and 1853. You are therefore probably going to need to look wider afield in the GENUKI pages for Middlesex to see what RC churches are in the surrounding areas. I don't know of any simple way of finding references to RC churches other than checking each (Anglican) parish manually. I think it's just hard work with maps and the gazetteer.

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    The WorldCat record for Catholic Missions & Registers is here, in case OP wants to see whether there is a copy in a library near them.
    – shoover
    Nov 17, 2019 at 3:48

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