My grandfather came to USA in 1912. In his Federal Naturalization record he said his town was Novoe Kurhane in Russia. I can't find the town on maps.

Does anyone know where Novoe Kurhane was or possibly the town's name was changed?

Does anyone know other sites where I might be able to find that town?

  • I wonder if it might be Nowy Korczyn, which is in modern Poland, but was part of the Russian Empire before 1918. Jan 24, 2020 at 2:39
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    OP, can you edit the question to include a scan of the section of the document where this town name is written?
    – shoover
    Jan 24, 2020 at 4:39

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There are several villages called Kurgan'e (Курганье) in present-day Russia and Belarus.

Yandex Maps has a settlement called Kurgan'e, a part of Vladimirovka village, in Klichev district, Mogilev oblast of Belarus, and a bus stop called Novoe Kurgan'e nearby. Wikimapia names that settlement Novoe Kurgan'e, and the description of Wikimapia object says that previously Novoe Kurgan'e was a village on its own.

Also there is a village Staroe Kurgan'e nearby (Staroe means Old and Novoe means New; Staroe X and Novoe X are a very common pattern in village names in Russia and neighbour countries).

I also found a site about a WWII partisan that says that she was born in 1923 in Novoe Kurgan'e of Klichev district, Mogilev oblast in Belarus, which also confirms that at that time there was a separate village with that name.

(Note that transition "g"->"h" is very common in slavic languages, especially for Belarussian or Ukrainian language speakers.)

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