On both sides of my father's line, I have hit brick walls.

I have not learned much information about these grandparents, nor do I know about any of their parents.

Here s what I have:

Anthony Kilkenny and Anne Charles. I think Anthony and Anne were born around 1830 and married ca1850-60 in Ireland. They had about 8 children. I know information about these children.

Bernard Sweeney and Mary McGovern/Ma Govern. I think they were born about the same time, also in Ireland.

Any help would be apprecated.

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    I assume that like most of us tracking Irish roots you are not resident in Ireland. Are you in Australia or North America? It will help to know when the migration took place and who it was that left. – Fortiter Oct 23 '12 at 13:35
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Anthony was born in Mohill, Leitrim in 1829, and died there in 1900.

No marriage turns up for the couple in Leitrim. However, the baptisms of their children do turn up.

Bernard Sweeney and Mary McGovern married in 1849, in Co. Leitrim.

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