Is there a public record that lists the names of the people who were sent to Baragan Steppe?

On June 17th, 1951, 9413 people from a security zone in Romania that bordered Yugoslaviawere were deported to the Baragan Steppe. There was a secret list made up of anyone the Communist Romanians thought would be a threat if Tito were to attack. It included: German Ethnic groups, relatives of families who fled abroad, political appointmants, large rich land owners, Bessarabians, Macedonia Romanians, former members of the Waffen-SS and any other enemies of the Socialist order.

They had to make homes and villages from nothing. Each Village was given a Romanian name. They were released in 1955 when Romania joined the UN.

I am looking for the names of the families of Bumbacari.

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    You wrote, "... the families of Bumbacari." Is Bumbacari one of the villages ("Each Village was given a Romainian name")?
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The report SÂRBII DIN ROMÂNIA ÎN GOLGOTA BĂRĂGANULUI (pdf, in Romanian) has some name lists, from page 107. The names are sorted by ethnicity then by destination village, I think, so Bumbacari appears multiple times. Google translate gives the following VERY rough translation of the heading of that section:

"They Suffered" During our field research we aimed to come up with as complete a record displaced persons. Further publish tables on localities displaced persons originating and municipalities who were sit or stand. We note that we are only in Serbian settlement order within counties existing settlements is in alphabetical order. In the localities where families are placed in the Cyrillic alphabet and families are trecuŃi all members deportaŃi in their natural order. For the female shown in brackets and their current name. The right of those who died in Bărăgan I put the (†) and the there are separate trecuŃi born. Tables are numbered so that resulting number of families (houses) and deported number of people. At the end of the chapter are summary tables.

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