I have here this German-Latin marriage record from Austria about the marriage between Angelus Constantin and Catharina Werckin on the 11th April, 1780 (last entry on page):

Cath Werkin zoom

The father of Catharina Werckin is listed as Jos Werk. Is his first name really "Jos" or is it possibly a short form of Joseph or Johannes?

Jos zoom


From what I have seen in baptism/marriage/death entries Jos. is a common abbreviation of Joseph. John (Johann, in Latin Joannes/Ioannes) would have been abbreviated as Joan., Joa. or Joh. See e.g. that entry, first line, last column:

coop. Joa. Ant. Mogetini p. t.

meaning interim chaplain John Anthony [Joannes Antonius] Mogetini.

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