I found the will of my 2x great-grandfather and a voters list where they lived.

Norah Pybus
B: 11 Mar 1870 in Bramhope Yorkshire England 
D: 13 Aug 1948 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada 

Robert Edward Fowler
B: 18 FEB 1871 in Leeds, Yorkshire West Riding, England
D: 22 MAY 1947 in Harrogate, Yorkshire, England

He was living at "5 North Park Rd" when he died and he states another property in his will. https://www.ancestry.co.uk/sharing/20115267?h=2b2bd6&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url

How can I find out if he owned "5 North park Rd" or if he was renting? He was a retired Fruitier.

I found this record: https://www.ancestry.co.uk/sharing/20115380?h=1a7ad5&utm_campaign=bandido-webparts&utm_source=post-share-modal&utm_medium=copy-url

But I'm not sure if it was his or not.

1939 england and wales register will page 1 will page 2


I Googled 'property ownership records of Harrogate, Yorkshire, UK 1945.'

The first entry has this description:

Elsewhere in England for most of the counties you will find a County Record Office, ... An unpublished book " Scarborough's war years, 1939-1945" by Richard ... Dewsbury Doncaster, Halifax, Harrogate, Hull, Leeds, Rotherham, and York. ... are alphabetic lists of the Owners of Land in the North Riding of Yorkshire in 1871.

I am totally confused yet about UK geography, so will leave the checking to yourself.

I've just learned that Harrogate is in North Yorkshire and here is a link to their records office: https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/county-record-office

Unfortunately, due to COVID, their offices are closed at the moment. You may still be able to glean some pertinent information online, but have to wait until, 'this too has passed,' to get any actual records.

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