Seeking Italian church records (birth, marriage, death) dating back to late 1800's for ancestors who immigrated to USA from Alessandria del Carretto, Italy.

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The vital records that you are after would seem likely to be found using the links at FamilySearch.org:

Registri dello stato civile di Alessandria del Carretto (Cosenza), 1809-1910

Authors: Alessandria del Carretto (Cosenza). Ufficio dello stato civile (Main Author) Archivio di stato di Cosenza (Repository) Tribunale di Castrovillari (Repository)

Format: Manuscript/Manuscript on Film

Language: Italian Publication: Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmati dalla Genealogical Society of Utah, 1986-1996

Physical: in 9 bobine di microfilm ; 16 mm.

References: (Digital Collection) Italy, Cosenza, Castrovillari, civil registration (Tribunale) = Italia, Cosenza, Castrovillari, stato civile (Tribunale), 1866-1910

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