When I started asking my parents about family history in 2008, my mother gave me a copy of a "Burbank Family News" newsletter of the Burbank-Burbanck family edited by John R. Burbank in St. Albans, Vermont. I only have one issue, #21 from January 1986. It was a long shot, but I tried writing to the return address requesting back issues, with no response. How can I track down back issues of a family history newsletter possibly sent by an individual by mail during the 1980's? Is it likely that there are copies of this newsletter at a library or genealogical society? Where should I look next?

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    Ben, If you contact me privately I can provide you with info that can help you get in touch with the family of John R. Burbank but don't want to post it publicly. Andy [email protected] Commented Oct 25, 2012 at 19:00

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But wait, there's more.

  • Contact John Burbank. As I see bstpierre has also found, John Burbank, who seems one and the same, editor of the newsletter(s), responded to an inquiry about "Burbank Family News" on Genforum. John Burbank to Jean Penn, "Re: Burbank family motto," message post of 8 October 2006. Clicking on John's user name in the GenForum post bring up an e-mail address. Checking his "User's Message Posting History," returns yet more recent posts by John, through early 2012.

I can't know whether that registered e-mail address is valid, but perhaps with a little fiddling about his current posts and interests, you will be able to reach the editor himself!


Searching for "John R. Burbank" in Vermont turns up several hits with him as a researcher. If he is the same "Rev. John R. Burbank", he was performing funeral services as recently as 2008 in Monkton, VT. I would try to find his church or other current contact info -- perhaps in Monkton or Bristol (both in Addison County) -- and ask him directly.

You might also try searching for Internet postings like this one to contact him via email. (Posts as recent as Feb 2012.)

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    Good find! The latter link sure increases the likelihood that his e-mail address is current.
    – GeneJ
    Commented Oct 25, 2012 at 12:59

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