In the book ''The Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783'' by David Dobson, published in Baltimore by the Genealogical Publishing Co. in 1984, I find on page 349 it lists an entry for James Wood that reads:

  1. Wood, James, Jacobite, tr. 29 June 1716, fr. Liverpool to Jamaica or Va, in Elizabeth & Anne, arr. York Va. (SPC.1716.310)(CTB.31.208)(VSP.1.185)

According to what I did find in the list of abbreviations:

  • SPC: Calendar of State Papers, America and the West Indies. London, 1880. Series
  • CTB: Calendar of Treasury Books. London, 1904. Series

However, it does not include VSP. What does this abbreviation mean in this book?


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The book 'The Original Scots Colonists of Early America, 1612-1783'' by David Dobson is also available on archive.org. Abbreviations are listed at the beginning of the book, but as you observed, VSP is not there.

However, all those I checked whose entry included a 'VSP' reference arrived in Virginia, so I decided to check whether VSP might stand for Virginia State Papers.

Volume 1 of the Calendar of Virginia state papers and other manuscripts is also available on archive.org. James Wood appears on page 185 in the:

List of Rebel Prisoners Imported by Capt: Edw'd TrafFord, in the Elizabeth & Anne, from Liverpole -

List of rebel prisoners from Virginia State Papers volume 1

As you can see, James Wood was listed as one of the 83 prisoners not indented (the list continues onto the next page).

So, VSP.1.185 would appear to be Calendar of Virginia state papers. Volume 1. Page 185.

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