This is a snippet from a burial entry. I am not permitted to show the full image:

enter image description here

I am trying to decipher the name of the Reverend. I think it is: Rev. A. E. Markly.

This was in 1933 in Salisbury at the London Road Cemetery, Salisbury.

I tried to find a history of Reverends or even a map of the site ... to no avail.

Side Note

Not related to the name deciphering, but I did find a webpage about the London Road Cemetery where it has a link to a map in PDF. It gives a basic overview of the site. On that page it also says:

There is a detailed map at the entrance to the Cemetery on the left.

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    I think it could be Markby Nov 26 '20 at 20:05
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    It's probably also worth checking (post-Covid) whether any local libraries have historic copies of Crockford's Clerical Directory That's an annual list of Anglican clergy, first published in 1858 and still being published today. Lambeth Palace Library has an almost complete set of volumes (including 1932, 1933, and 1934), but other libraries near you may have volumes from around 1933. Nov 27 '20 at 9:45

I agree with the comments that it more likely reads "C. E. Markby".

A good possibility would be the Rev. Cecil Edward Campbell Markby. He was recorded as "Clerk of Holy Orders" in Dorchester, Dorset on the 1939 Register, a short way from Salisbury (see RG 101/6918C, no 187):

enter image description here

Local newspapers seem to confirm this is the right man. For example, in the Bath Chronicle, 17 June 1933:

Mr. C. E. C. Markby, B.A., Emmanuel College, Cambridge, who was ordained priest at Salisbury Cathedral on Sunday, is a son of the Rev. A. W. Markby, Vicar of St. Peter's, Dorchester, and formerly St. Saviour's, Bath...

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