I have been tracing my ancestors to Italy and have accounted for all their vital BMD records, with the exception of just one, which is my British-born Great Grandfather, Baptista Sabini, and his birth record:

Baptista Sabini c.1890-1959

All his older and younger siblings have births registered on GRO, yet the only evidence I have found for Baptista is a Baptismal record from St Peter's Italian Church, Clerkenwell giving his birthdate, and naming his parents (Domenico Sabini, Maria Campomenoso). The baptism was written in Latin and gives his name as follows:

Joannes Baptista Antonius Sabini, 20th February 1890

Further to this, he does not appear in the Sabini household on the 1891 census (only later in the 1901 census) and other records indicate indecision about his birthday - his marriage in 1915 gives his age as 23 years, his school admission in 1902 has his DOB left blank.

And yet later in life he appears on Electoral rolls, so I'm sure there must have been some proof or acknowledgement of his birth and status as a legal 'entity' in the UK. I am wondering if anyone has seen anything like this? Any suggestions or advice to help me look elsewhere and get to the bottom of this because it has been frustrating me for several months. Thanks

Baptista Sabini Baptismal record

Baptista Census

Baptista Marriage

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