My Russian Grandfather escaped in 1948 on a ship to Buenos Aires, I have located the passengers list, his name, Cámara Nacional Electoral in Buenos Aires confirms his registration and official matricul number. I have checked VI,Anses, Afip, CI and have his cuit number but not information about his passing. I have no idea about the date of his passing and contacted numerous cimeterio without luck. Any clues welcome at home as I can also not find which authorities gave papers to stateless POW released from Spain in 1945. Ship Monte Ayala, Name: Leonide Morosoff Stoupine - 1948 arrival in Buenos Aires.


What I do know about Argentina is that they keep your payment and provide nothing! They happily answered my emails, and advised me how to apply for a birth cert. So I did, and paid, then no certificate and a wall of silence ever since.

  • Thank you sadly my experience too which is unethical to the least when families are looking for survivors – Sam Jam Feb 11 at 11:04

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