This cartoon is on the back side of a photograph in a newspaper of a family member. The article is about him joining the military, around 1942/3. I can’t find a date on either side. Can someone determine the publication date of the Jimmy Hatlo cartoon? The newspaper was most likely located in Oshkosh Wisconsin.enter image description here

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This cartoon by Jimmy Hatlo is one of his "They'll Do It Every Time" series, which ran in multiple newspapers around the U.S. from 1929 to 2008. (Other illustrators took over after Hatlo's death in 1963.)

This particular cartoon ran on February 20, 1942. I found it in the Buffalo (N.Y.) Evening News and the Syracuse (N.Y.) Herald-Journal by searching the Fulton History archived newspapers site for jimmy hatlo AND "cooking dinner" AND (filename contains (1940~~1945)).

Jimmy Hatlo's They'll Do It Every Time cartoon from Feb 20, 1942

FamilySearch has some information on where you can find Wisconsin newspapers, since you're interested in what's on the back of this cartoon in a specific newspaper.

NewspaperArchive.com has the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern for years 1872-1975, but 1941-1951 are missing.

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