John [A.M. GR1], Esq., Nov. 25, 1827, a. abt. 79 y. CR1 [Nov. 24, a. 80 y. GR1]

This death entry for John Rogers is found in the Vital Records of Gloucester, Massachusetts, vol. 3.

GR1 represents a specific cemetery, First Parish Burial Ground (also known as Bridge Street Cemetery).

A.M. is not explained in the list of Abbreviations for this volume.

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    Hi, welcome to G&FH.SE! How did you access this information? It appears to combine information from two different entries.
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    Feb 26, 2021 at 5:53

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I suspect this refers to his degree – Master of Arts (Artium Magister), now more commonly abbreviated as M.A.

In the vital records you found this entry in, there is another John Rogers (d.1782), a Reverend (and apparently the father of your John Rogers), who also has A.M. after his name.

I could not find an image of the headstone for John Rogers d. 1827 – perhaps it doesn't survive. However, the headstone for John d. 1782 can be found on FindAGrave, where the letters A.M. are listed in a form consistent with a degree.

enter image description here

A next step to confirm this would be to identify where he studied, and see if any records survive regarding his education.

There is a John Rogers (recorded Johannes) who graduated with a Master's from Harvard University in 1767, which would be a good possibility. See Index of Harvard graduates in the classes of 1642-1772 (see page 73):

enter image description here

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