I got an idea of how I wanted to represent my family tree. A regular tree has the disadvantage that time is not taken into account. Generations are shown at the same line, while in fact most of the time there is an overlap between generations. Sometimes an aunt or uncle can be younger than it nephew or niece!

So I searched the internet if it already exists. I found an image of a chart what I had in mind. The diagram is described in this article. And also here. It is called a 'TimeNet'. But I haven't found anywhere that this kind of diagram is already implemented in some software program.

An important advantage of this kind of chart over a normal timeline is that it can show relationships very well. Individuals are represented using timelines that converge and diverge to indicate marriage and divorce as shown in this picture.

Royal family shown on a timeline

Does someone know if there is a genealogy program that can create this kind of diagram?

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